Information on Alport syndrome

Alport syndrome is a type IV collagen disease affecting the composition of the glomerular filter within the kidney.


Welcome to this private homepage. The following pages will inform patients and physicians on Alport syndrome, we will give you an overview on Alport pathogenesis, on our present research and projects and will introduce our team. The most important pages will inform you on the European Alport registry and the EARLY PRO-TECT Alport trial, both are coordinated by us at the University Medicine Goettingen, Germany.

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Alport syndrome

Definition:   hereditary kidney disease, in most patients additional hearing loss and ocular changes.

Genetics: in 85% X-chromosomal (more males affected)

Course of disease: leads to kidney failure and dialysis (requiring transplantation) in most patients.

Pathogenesis: progressive scarring of the kidney fibrosis because of mutations in genes coding for type IV collagen.

Diagnosis: clinical symptoms and family history, kidney biopsy or mutation analysis.

Therapy: Progression of kidney failure can be delayed by medications in a time-dependent manner. Loss of kidney function can be replaced by dialysis or kidney transplantation.

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